If you’re wondering what to do with the thousands of dollars you’ll save in art charges, you might want to think about taking a vacation.  What’s that you say? “I’ll never take a vacation.  I’m way too busy and all my projects are behind schedule!”  No problem.  Since we build your design to your printers specs right from the start, you’ll save an average of 3 weeks in project lead time.  That should be plenty of time to visit grandma.

*Art charges vary from printer to printer.  You must verify the reduction or removal
of art charges with your printer prior to placing a print order.
We love printing companies.  But doesn't it make you cringe when they hit you with those painful “Art Charges”?  Especially since you already paid a designer for their “Art Charges”.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could wave a magic wand and make those pesky “Art Charges” disappear?  Well you can.*

Start your design project with Red 7 Packaging and you’ll avoid those painful art charges.*  That’s because we know what printers want and we build your design according to their specs right from the start.
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