Red 7 Packaging was built from the ground up to design your product packaging.  Our idea of a good time amounts to roaming the supermarket isles for hours investigating new packaging designs, peeling back carton flaps, checking for print register, and identifying spot colors.  Some people say  our enthusiasm for packaging design borders on obsession.  We like to think of it as “eccentric”.  Either way, our award winning designs help sell your product. 

The “Red 7” name is an homage to the Grandfather of Red 7 Packaging founder, Cory Van De Griend.  Cory’s Grandfather had a passion for creative inventions and auto racing.  It is to Grandpa Vander Wilt’s creative spirit and his hand-built, specialty race car, “Red Number 7”, that the Red 7 name pays tribute.

Facts about Grandpa Vander Wilt and “Red Number 7”

  1. Red Number 7 raced from the mid-fifties to the early sixties.

  2. Red 7 was active in the Iowa, Minnesota and Florida racing circuits.

  3. Although last seen in Wisconsin, the whereabouts of Red 7 is a mystery.

  4. Grandpa Vander Wilt drove it only once, claiming it was too powerful to control.